Monday, 30 September 2013

Ruth Rikowski's 55th News Update

My husband, Dr Glenn Rikowksi, has resigned from his position as ‘Senior Lecturer in Education Studies’ at the University of Northampton, and his last day working there will be 31st October 2013.

So, there is much change afoot and I will not be sending out my usual newsletter this quarter (other than the item below about the new additions to my ‘Serendipitous Moments’ blog).

All being well, I will send out my next newsletter, as usual, on 31st December 2013.

I hope you all had a good summer.

3 new items up on my ‘Serendipitous Moments’ blog
I have inserted 3 new items up on my ‘Serendipitous Moments’ blog. These are: ‘Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon’, ‘4 Ramadan’ and ‘ 4 years later’.

Best wishes

NB: At the end of August we went on holiday, and within the hour of arriving at our destination Ruth fractured the radius bone in her left arm on Stiffkey Marshes, north Norfolk. She has suffered a lot of pain and it has been very debilitating. Her arm is still in plaster, and will take several more weeks yet. Therefore, I am sending this Newsletter out on her behalf.
Glenn Rikowski
All that is Solid for Glenn Rikowski: